Ohio Valley Grain Inspection

Ohio Valley Grain Inspection is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana and operates in Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and North Central Tennessee.

Agency owner and manager Linda Meny began her career as a sampler at the agency in 1979.  Linda obtained part ownership in the agency in 1995 and obtained full ownership in 1997.  Linda has done every job at the agency in her journey to agency owner and manager.

Ohio Valley is situated along the Ohio River, so they regularly inspect barges along the river and rail cars in Kentucky and Indiana.  The agency has two onsite laboratories in Indiana and an official commercial inspection with Siemer Milling Company in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Corn, soybeans, sorghum, and Soft Red Winter wheat are all routinely inspected along with the occasional inbound barley shipment.  The agency also performs aflatoxin, fumonisin, and vomotoxin testing on a routine basis.

Ohio Valley’s five inspectors, two technicians, and around fourteen samplers provide service throughout their area every day regardless of what requests are needed.

Linda says she wants everyone to know that even though they are a small agency they maintain great customer service, consistency, and accuracy in grading while keeping the integrity of the USDA Grain Standards Act.

Linda is also very proud of the Ohio Valley employees.  Without their hard work and dedication Ohio Valley would not be successful.  For Linda, the enjoyment of running an official agency is that every day is different and the challenges change day to day.

And one last thing, Linda wants everybody to know that while their name is Ohio Valley Grain Inspection, they are located in Indiana, not Ohio.